What Hope Brings

Hope brings Joy. Joy brings happiness. Happiness reminds us of the hope that got us there.


WHB Talk

WHB is not just another brand or small business. What Hope Brings Co. is a place of comfort, understanding, dreams, and hope.

  • Who We Are

    Hey there! My name is Emily Dunnahoo and this is my little family. I have been married to my husband, Keith, since 2017 and our son, Jude, was born in January 2022. These two are the reason I do what I do! Especially Jude. My lifelong dream is to be able to set aside future funds for his college and career goals, as well as any other children we have. What Hope Brings Co. will allow me to do just that! With every purchase, proceeds will go directly to his future funds as well as towards the publishing of a few books I worked up over the last few years!

  • The Main Goal

    WHB Co. is not just another small business. In February 2021, I went through a miscarriage that changed me inside and out. It shattered my world and took me to the end of Jude's birth to fully accept that it happened. WHB Co. was established to bring light and hope to those around me, and to shine a light on joy that can still come while grieving. A loss is a loss, no matter the means. I created WHB Co. to provide a way to publish my books (more to come on that soon), and to provide a wonderful and fulfilling future for my child (children if God so plans).

  • My Hope is in Christ Alone

    WHB Co. is founded on the hope that is in Christ alone. He is the cornerstone of my life, and of my family's at that. Without Him, I am nothing. With Him, I have everything. Because of Christ, I have a purpose, an identity, a longing to serve, and a passion to bring hope to others. Christ has been my stronghold when I was at my weakest and lowest points in my life. He never once left my side. My dream for WHB Co. is to show others through my creations the goodness and glory that is Him. I pray this business is not mine, but His, and that through the interactions, He is made known. All glory be to Him, and to Him I give my praise. My hope is in Christ alone.

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